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Cruising Notes:
Underway to Mexico
Available as a Limited FREE Offer, this book is written specifically for those who already have boats outfitted for cruising, at least some offshore experience, and who are focused merely on enjoying the wonders of Mexico. Readers will find information on such topics as boat preparation, provisioning, checking into Mexico, anchoring hints for points south of the border, finding out of the way places, and much. more. Also included are maps and unique time and distance tables for the Pacific coast of Baja California, the Sea of Cortez, and mainland Mexico, including its famed Gold Coast.

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Cruising Notes:
Things to Know Before You Go
This book answers all your questions from how to choose, prepare and provision your boat, prepare yourself and crew, select your electronics and navigation equipment, make night passages, set your budget, and much more. Though its focus is preparing to sail the Pacific coast of the Americas, the information included is relevant to virtually all destinations beyond the horizon. Also included are unique time and distance tables by the authors.

On the Wind
If you’ve ever felt a need to break away and dare to enjoy an actual modern day tale of wanderlust and adventure, jump aboard and come along for a ride.

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