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Phil-BelizePhil McCaleb

Phil McCaleb practiced law for 33 years, taught law related subjects at the university level for 24 years, and is currently a co-founder, managing editor, writer, and general gopher for Encore Press.

Having always taken pleasure in writing, and developed a love for all things sailing over more than 40 years, he now relishes the opportunity to combine the two by writing for and helping to helm Encore Press.  He has, for example, taken special pleasure in penning his current book, On the Wind, a tongue-in-cheek tale of three years of chasing the wind at sea with his spouse and first mate, Nora.

Other life pleasures include a new granddaughter, two exceptional sons, two beautiful and talented daughters-in-law, a golden doodle that rules the roost of his home — and, of course, daily thoughts/memories of life at sea.


patPat McIntosh

Pat McIntosh’s involvement with management, production and logistics spans decades, as a practitioner in the real estate and appraisal fields, and as an educator at the collegiate level.  He and Carole were married in 1966, and have four children and six grandchildren. They are active sailors and RV’ers, and enjoy traveling whenever the opportunity presents itself.

As a co-founder and “co-general gopher” of Encore Press, his talents and background have helped expand Encore Press’s capabilities in production, customer relations and maintaining budgets while ensuring the results are not compromised.  Since 2009, he has utilized his accumulated skills in producing and presenting Encore’s books and seminars. The results of this work have been the popular CRUISING NOTES series of cruising books and related seminars, and the founding of ENCORE PRESS.


pats daughterMarianne Boger, Chief Copy Editor

When not eating ice cream, Marianne Boger is a freelance writer and editor upon whom we at Encore rely for her editing expertise.  Her experience spans more than twenty years and several high tech industries besides publishing. She helps writers convey their stories so readers better understand descriptions and concepts, and her attention to detail and passion for correct grammar and readability combine to improve the accuracy and clarity of books, user guides and Web-based training courses.

For fun and relaxation, Marianne often runs, sometimes pacing her husband in long distance races. She also enjoys cooking and baking, and being immersed in the activities of her two teenage children.


Anyone interested in Marianne’s expertise can reach her at marianne.boger@gmail.com.

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