Photographs Made to Order

flowerOne of the things the publishers have most enjoyed over the years has been the spectacular photographic opportunities found during their travels. We hope you will feel the same. They are offered to you to do with what you wish – enlarge them, crop them, change their coloration, and frame them as you like. Each photo is priced at $10.00, including tax. Just mail the photo number(s) you desire, together with a check in the appropriate amount, to Encore Press. Be sure to also include your email address and we will send a JPG file of the photograph(s) to you.

Once you have tailored the photo(s) as you wish, you can print them in whatever size you desire.  You can, for example, print them as an 8” X 10” on your own computer just for the price of a sheet of photo paper. Larger ones, such as 2’ X 3’, for example, can also be printed on paper or canvas at places such as Office Depot or Kinkos at nominal cost.

Photos Available at

Encore Press, 3705 Park Road, Sacramento, CA  95821).